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The Client Edit: Polly Vernon

Polly Vernon is without a doubt one of my ultimate favourite clients. As an author and Editor-at-Large of Grazia UK, she's as clever, sharp and funny as you'd expect, and as such, she's the perfect person to launch my 'Client Edit' interview section here on this blog. Thank you Polly for taking part!

What is your favourite way to have your hair styled, cut or coloured?

Definitely a bit roughed up. I can’t have too-perfect hair, it doesn’t go with the rest of me! If I’m on my own (i.e, not with Jason!) and it’s warm enough, letting it air dry after I’ve washed it gets the best result I can hope for. Who is your hair icon?

I don’t have one, honestly. Hair is so individual, you’ve got to go your own way. What hair product can you not go a day without?

It’s a brush: Tangle Tamer. I’ve got really thick, really fine hair, and it tangles constantly. It’s a matted mess every morning. As a kid, it caused me so much grief and literal pain, I used to rip it out trying to brush it through.

I also think Rita Hazan’s cleansing and conditioning products are really great. Do you have one piece of golden hair advice that you can share with us?

Don’t wash your hair every day, if you can get away with it! I do mine every three days. It looks best with two and a third days of grease, I’ve calculated. What is it about Jason that makes you a regular client?

Where do I start? He knows my hair much better than I do. He has gradually but brilliantly revolutionized it, in terms of cut and colour. I get insane amounts of compliments, I hand out his details at least twice a week to strangers (one of whom I caught trying to take a pic of my air in the street so she could show her stylist!) and I always say: it’s nothing to do with me. I give him no instructions, he just does his own brilliant thing with it, and I’m always happy. I also love that he doesn’t let us get stuck in a rut, he’s always moving it on, changing it up. AND he’s insanely quick. And fun. I’ll stop now.

Isn't she just a dream? See you soon Polly! xx

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