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The Client Edit: Trish Halpin

Next up in my fantastic 'The Client Edit' series, the incredible Trish Halpin. As Editor of one of my favourite magazines, Marie Claire, Trish is just as you'd expect - funny, amazingly knowledgeable, wise, witty and so kind.

I started seeing Trish earlier this year, after I won 'Best Hair Stylist' at the Marie Claire Hair Awards, and we clicked immediately - she's rapidly become a favourite client and I always look forward to seeing her in the salon.

What is your favourite way to have your hair [coloured/cut/styled]?

At the moment I’m loving my bob. It’s soft and tousled rather than sharp, and is just long enough to tie back when I go to the gym. Very versatile.

Who is your hair icon?

The supermodel Linda Evangelista – she was always changing her style and colour. Short, long, blonde or brunette, she never looked anything but amazing.

What hair product can you not go a day without?

I’ve finally started using a heat protection spray and am really noticing the difference, as I rough-dry my hair and then use tongs to create a few loose waves. It seems to be in much better condition since I started using one.

Do you have one piece of golden hair advice that you can share with us?

Have some fun with your hair and take a few risks. I love looking back at photos of myself with a pixie crop, wedge and even a quiff in the 80s!

What is it about Jason that makes you a regular client?

Jason has such a relaxed and confident approach to cutting and colour, I love that he does both and is always so quick. I would never have thought to ask for the the bob he gave me, but he knew it would suit me straight away.

Huge thanks to the wonderful Trish for taking part - see you soon!

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