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The Client Edit : Edward Windsor, Lord Downpatrick

What is your favourite way to have your hair styled, cut or coloured?

Short and as naturally faded as possible sides and back with a natural look on top.

Who is your hair icon?

Either actor Zach Galifianakis or All Blacks' rugby star Ardie Savea. Tremendous lids the pair of them and not immune to a mop of curls.

What hair product can you not go a day without?

I'm a fan of my own natural oils, worrying as that may sound, but rosemary oil or a light clay every now and then.

Do you have one piece of golden hair advice that you can share with us?

Don't overwash your hair with shampoo and try to swim in lakes, rivers, and the sea as often as you can.

What is it about Jason that makes you a regular client?

He sees your hair the way it could and should look and imagines it better than you the client. He's also a delight to chat with.

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