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The Most Requested Styles for Guys, and How to Achieve Them

Working with some of the world’s biggest celebrities, it’s fair to say that a lot of my customers come to me to try and achieve that A-lister look. I’m going to talk you through some of the most-requested styles I receive from my customers and share some details on how to get the look too.

The Buzz Cut

Seemingly a simple style, but one that increasing numbers of men are visiting their barbers to achieve, the buzz cut is soaring in popularity thanks to stars such as Justin Timberlake, Tom Hardy and Jason Statham all adopting the look.

A buzz cut doesn’t need to be harsh or scary in style; it’s a classic style that can be adapted to suit your style. I would recommend going to a barber rather than just straight-up shaving your own head – unless you’re going for the Jason Statham style, of course! – and asking them to assess what would look best on you. A buzz cut highlights the shape of your head and your face far more than any other style, so it’s a good idea to have a professional assess how short you can afford to go.

Generally, most people look good with the hair on top being taken to a grade 2 or 3, with a grade 1 around the back and sides, tapering the hairline and creating a gradual fade. This is a clean and tidy way to wear the buzz cut and it looks classically sleek and stylish, plus it’s a very low-maintenance style to wear!

The Disconnect

Made popular by Cillian Murphy and the cast of Peaky Blinders, the disconnect is a huge trend in 2018. It’s a style that really took off in the 1920s but it’s back with real prominence and feels very fresh for today’s modern man. The disconnect is an undercut style, taken very short around the back and sides to keep all of the weight on top.

High and tight on the sides, this is a dramatic but contemporary crop that really makes a statement. It works for most face shapes and even helps to disguise a receding hairline or finer hair, so most guys can rock the disconnect with ease. This is definitely a style to take to the barber, and as there’s so many versions of the disconnect out there, take along some photographs highlighting exactly the kind of style you want to achieve.

Once you’re at home, it’s a relatively simple style to care for, as long as you remember to rebook regular appointments with the barber to keep those sides looking shape. Using a good weighty pomade to style the heavier hair on top works well with this look – you can either style it to a messy, bedhead texture or use a comb to create a smooth, slicked-back style.

The Pompadour

Another vintage classic making a comeback, the pompadour is a style that A-listers have been loving recently, from David Beckham to Jon Kortajarena. It’s a versatile style that you can adapt to suit your own look; from classically sleek with a retro quiff like Beckham, to textured and artfully messy like Kortajarena. It’s a less extreme version of the disconnect, with a more gradual fade and less disparity between the top of the hair and the back/sides.

I personally prefer a sophisticated, gradual take on the pompadour, with the longer sections of hair blending subtly into the shorter back and sides. The undercut should be tapered to avoid too dramatic a contrast, and you should leave around four inches of hair on top to guarantee a satisfactory sweep-back. To style, start with freshly-washed hair, lightly towel-dried, and blow-dry the hair, using a comb to lift and sweep the hair back from the forehead. Once the hair is dry, you can use a small amount of warmed wax, running it through the hair and using your comb and your spare hand to lift and shape the quiff section. This style does take some maintenance, with regular trips to the barber required, but it’s such a versatile style and can be worn in so many different ways.

Long Hair

Long hair is a very popular look for modern men who want to go a little offbeat. Celebs including Jared Leto, Chris Hemsworth and Russell Brand have all sported luscious long locks, and the Instagram man-bun phenomenon has helped make this style even more in-demand. Despite it being a high-maintenance look, it’s one that’s worth the hassle. Long hair is more versatile than most looks; depending on how much you can be bothered to style it, that is. Unkempt long hair just looks plain messy, so you’ll need to be sure that you can dedicate the time to growing it out, and then maintaining it with a proper haircare and styling regime in place.

I get lots of clients coming to see me asking how to go about growing their hair out, and my answer is the same: patience is key. Growing a buzz cut down to shoulder-length hair can take months and months, if not years, so you’ll really need to manage your own expectations about how long it can take, and be honest with yourself about how you will handle the awkward stages of regrowth – it can be all too tempting to get six months in and snip it all off out of frustration, but you’ll be starting from the beginning again. You’ll need to think smart about how you grow out your hair, but your barber should be able to advise; depending on hair texture and growth rate, some people benefit from a strategic trim during the growing process, particularly around the edges, to keep things tidy until the new growth comes in to cover it.

And once you have your luscious long locks, make sure you invest in good-quality haircare to moisturise, hydrate and nourish the hair. Longer hair is far more prone to drying, splitting and breaking so you’ll need to up your haircare game to keep it looking strong and healthy.

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