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4 Grooming Mistakes Men Often Make

Men's grooming routines are often quick and simple, but it's still easy to make mistakes. Streamline your routine, focusing on the important parts, to make sure you aren't committing these deadly grooming sins. Simple changes can instantly make a difference you'll notice!

Skimping on Haircuts

Your hair is such a strong statement of who you are, it’s always worth spending a little extra to get it cared for properly. It’s so important to build a relationship with your hairdresser/barber, so you feel comfortable booking in for regular appointments and know that you’ll like the result. They’ll learn your likes and dislikes and how your hair works, so that you’ll always end up with a great outcome. A cheaper option might sound better for your bank balance, but in reality, a premium hair appointment will offer you an all-round experience, rather than just a service. Your hair is an important part of you, and you should treat it as such, to keep yourself looking and feeling your best.

Ignoring Body Hair

When we get to a certain age, it’s not unusual to find hairs growing in places you wouldn’t expect. But that doesn’t make it a good look – hairs sprouting from the ears and nose, or rogue eyebrow hairs that are longer than necessary don’t exactly scream ‘dapper’. Keep an eye on these areas and also on your cheekbones, where you may suddenly see a spurt of growth that can make you look more Teen Wolf than Mr Wonderful. Invest in a specific hair trimmer for these areas to keep on top of growth, or if you’re not confident doing it yourself at home, request the service from your barber, who may also be able to spot unusual hair growth where you can’t see it.

Your Showers Are Too Hot

It’s an easy mistake to make, but simply having your shower too hot can really damage and disrupt your skin’s health. Hot water can cause redness and itching, and affect the skin and hair's natural moisture balance, stripping the natural oils and leaving you with dry skin and hair that is over-producing oil in order to compensate. If your skin is red, blotchy or itchy when you step out of the shower – the water was too hot. Showers that are too hot can also exacerbate pigmentation of the skin. Instead, turn the temperature down to lukewarm and spend less time in there, to make sure your skin doesn’t suffer.

Postponing the Post-Shave

You might be tempted to dash out of the door post-shave, but it’s incredibly important to restore hydration and balance to the skin after shaving. Shaving, and many shaving foams and soaps, can irritate even the hardiest faces, and leave the skin tight, dry and red, which, without the proper aftercare, then leads to ingrown hairs and razor bumps – painful and unattractive. This is then doubled down if you choose to use products containing alcohol, which dehydrate the skin further. Instead, use a soothing post-shave balm or cream to replenish the lost hydration and restore a protective layer over the skin. Apply directly after shaving to restore moisture quickly and keep skin looking fresh and healthy.

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Jan 13, 2021

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