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Nontouring: the Hottest Hair Trend for 2019

When it comes to modern beauty, there’s no denying that the last few years have seen stronger, bolder looks come to the fore. With harsh contouring, made famous by the Kardashian sisters and their ultra-sculpted visages, copied by millions worldwide, it’s been the look du jour to sport a more dramatic, chiselled style.

But where there’s a trend, there’s always a counter-trend. And in 2019, we’re seeing beauty move towards a softer, barely-there style, from hair to makeup and everything in between. We’re calling it ‘nontouring’.

But what is nontouring? In a nutshell, it’s a softer, more radiant look that can be applied to either makeup or hair, to allow you to celebrate your natural beauty rather than masking it. It’s a movement that’s all about toning down the drama and creating a gentle luminescence. And this look is going one step further, leaving our makeup bags and heading towards our hair.

Nontouring is all about softening statement styles, and using colour to harmonise your hair, creating a beautiful soft effect, whatever your choice of colour or cut. So, if you’ve opted for a crazy colour, we can use nontouring the mellow the shade and create an ethereal look. Alternatively, if it’s your cut that’s more dramatic, we can nontour the edges to blend any sharp contrasts, crafting a gorgeous look that’s still a statement, but just much more wearable and timeless.

As with makeup, nontouring the hair is all about adding a natural glow, and infusing the hair with warmth and texture, highlighting its natural beauty rather than completely covering it.

If you’ve opted for a lighter colour, like a blonde, a rose gold or even a pink, we can soften the transition by nontouring the hairline. I would use a lighter colour to create a seamless transition from the hairline into the body of the colour itself, blending the colour from the skintone to create a really gorgeous, gradual colour development. This is especially great if you have lighter roots, as it really works to create a luminous, halo kind of effect around the face, that makes the skin simply glow.

Alternatively, if you’re a darker blonde, strategically-placed highlights and ribbons of blonde will create the illusion of lift and bounce within the hair. Ideal for thinner or finer hair types, this technique produces the look of real weight and thickness in the hair too.

Brunettes can get in on the nontouring action too. Lighter brunettes can use nontouring to create texture and interest in an otherwise fairly simple colour. A blunt fringe or some choppy lines are fantastic to create drama with this kind of modest hair colour, and then gorgeous bronze accents can be woven in, to create texture and light. Deeper brunettes should also aim for a multi-tonal effect, working with the natural texture of the hair and using lighter shades subtly, almost melting into the base colour to give the illusion of health, shine, weight and gloss. It’s a really captivating effect and just screams healthy hair

I would recommend heading to a trusted colour expert if you’re interested in trying the nontouring trend for yourself, as it’s a look that should definitely not be DIY’ed. Take images to your colourist and really take the time to discuss with them the look that you want. Nontouring the hair is really about placing it in its best possible light, and using colour to showcase its natural beauty, creating the look of shine and thickness and using colour to really complement the skin tone too.

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