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My Five-Day Hair Regime for the Festive Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – but also the busiest. With calendars packed and schedules full, we’re all dashing from one social obligation to the next, and it can sometimes feel impossible to keep feeling like ‘you’ during the festive season. When you’re crashing into bed at midnight each night, after yet another Christmas catch-up cocktail session, and waking at 7am to dash to the office, it can be tricky to find the time to keep on top of your grooming regime.

But I have the secret to helping you maintain your look and hang on to that blow-dry, for as many as five days, meaning you can carry on with as many meetings, parties and nights out as you want to, without worrying about the state of your hair. Yes, really.

Most of us are guilty of over-washing our hair. Whenever I see clients who explain that they wash their hair religiously every day, I wince. Hair is delicate and should be treated as such – you wouldn’t wash a cashmere jumper every day, and you must think of your hair in the same way if you want it to look and feel its best. So, giving your hair a break from washing and heat styling is a saviour for parched locks, particularly over the festive season when you’re more likely to be getting glammed up several nights a week. I’ve devised a routine to help you get away with washing your hair just once every five days, but keeping it looking and smelling fresh and fabulous. It’s giving yourself the gift of time this Christmas!

Day One - Wash Day

Start your regime with freshly-washed hair – the perfect way to start if you have a particularly big event or special occasion to kick off the week. If you’re following a five-day regime, I recommend using a clarifying shampoo to really strip away any grease, grime or leftover product in the hair; it will leave your strands feeling extra-clean and fresh. Follow up with a moisturising shampoo for a second lather and a super-deep clean, and then apply a deep-conditioning in-shower mask to fully rehydrate the hair.

Blow-dry the hair smooth and get plenty of volume into the roots. Finish styling with a nourishing hair oil to lock in hydration and keep the hair shiny and strong. Use a small amount of product to resist weighing down the hair, and sleep with your hair in a topknot to maintain the hair’s freshness.

Day Two - Super Sleek

Day two requires a little more manpower to keep the hair in check, and a super-sleek look is very glamorous, perfect for cocktails or nights out, as well as being stylish for work in the daytime. To get the look, brush through thoroughly and spritz some dry shampoo through the roots to keep any oil at bay, then use straighteners in small sections, to lock in the smoothness of the hair. Mist with a light glossing spray to add extra shine.

Day Three - Beachy Waves

By day three, your hair could be looking a little lacklustre, so it’s time to add in extra volume and bounce. Laidback, luxe beachy waves are always a great look, and I always think they work beautifully to tone down a super-glam outfit. Spray through your roots and the midsections with dry shampoo, massaging into the hair and scalp to soak up any excess oil.

Then use a medium-sized barrel curling wand to create some loose waves; I like to wrap the hair loosely around the wand, pointing downwards, and hold each section for ten seconds. Alternate the direction of the wave with each strand to create gorgeously relaxed waves, and once the curls have cooled, brush them through for a looser look. Finish the style by applying a salt spray, to again absorb any grease and keep the hair looking textured, mattified and laidback.

Day Four - The Messy Up-Do

By now, you’re probably very keen to wash your hair, but I can assure you that there’s still life in it yet! The waves and curls from Day Three’s styling will still be in place, so it’s time to make the most of that existing texture. Meghan Markle’s really made the messy up-do the style of 2018, and it’s perfect for hair that’s no longer fresh.

Brush the hair through and reapply some dry shampoo to any areas that need it, then pile the hair back into a messy low bun, pinning some strands and loosening some others for a gorgeously laidback, relaxed style. Remember to keep strands loose so it looks intentionally messy and Parisian – it’s the perfect look to take you from office to dancefloor. I also like to mist on a little hair perfume at this stage to keep hair smelling luxurious.

Day Five - Sleek Low Ponytail

I bet you didn’t think it was possible – five days without washing your hair, and it still looks this good! Use a boar-bristle brush to thoroughly brush through the hair; the natural bristles will scrape away leftover product, massage the scalp and distribute the oils throughout the hair, rebalancing the overall look.

Mist in dry shampoo in any areas that need it, and then pull the hair back into a very sleek, low ponytail. Use a nourishing, shine-enhancing hair oil to smooth and flatten the hair, as well as disguise any greasy areas – this is a trick Kim Kardashian uses on her Day Five hair too. Mist with a firm hold hairspray and fasten with a snag-free silk band.

And then it’s time to wash! Take it back to step one and enjoy that freshly-washed feeling.

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