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Kyoto is a place I will hold dear in my heart!

The history of this old city is just breathtaking. Around every corner there something to tickle your taste buds. And, you can find yourself really sucked back in time int old Japan.

While the rest of the country is changing and evolving, Kyoto is not letting go with 17 world heritage sites, quite Buddhist temples and colourful shrines. Let's don't forget about the ancient art of theGeisha, these colourful creatures are just breath-taking, this truly is the most in enriching culturally city in the world.

Heading out of Tokyo, a camera in one hand and my bento box in in the other, I was truly ready for an adventure, pulling into Kyoto station and my mind was blown just by the pure volume of people and shear size of the station.

First stop, Fushimi Inari-Tasisha, which was simply the most impressive part of the trip. The pathways wanders 4km up in to the mountain, as your wonder up the mountain around every corner you get greeted by mini-shrines, not to mention the 100s of stones foxes!

As you begin your climb through the Tori gates, be prepared for the vast number of tourists that are all trying to get the perfect snap. This soon starts to dye down as you reach higher and higher, so if you want the perfect snap, put on those hiking boots and get ready to climb...

Heading to Gion on the east bank of the Kamo-gawa, which is Kyoto's most famous district to hunt down the famous women of art: the Geiko and Maiko. As you float around this beautiful district you can't help but to feel like you have been back in time.

The details in each beautiful building is so well crafted and then came the sound, first was the large number of tourists suddenly inhaling, followed by the sound of the wooden clocks. I knew instantly she was about to a appear, with vast number of tourists standing being utterly mesmerised, you need to act fast if you're to get the perfect snap, before she disappears through a door.

By now the sun is starting to set and I'm truly ready for a good meal and glass of wine, so we head down to the river back by the Puncho alley, find a little spot to eat and drink before heading back to our hotel for a good night sleep.

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