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How to Humidity-Proof Your Hair

There's nothing better than a summery holiday getaway on a beautiful tropical beach. Warm balmy days, glorious sunset evenings... stunning! But when it comes to heat and hair, it’s worth taking a few precautionary measures to protect against the dreaded frizz.

What causes frizz

Frizz happens when dry, porous locks of hair suck up the moisture in the air, causing the hair shaft to swell and raise the cuticle layer, making the hair appear dry and frizzy. Curly, wavy and dehydrated hair - that which is overly dry from chemicals, colours or heat treatments - tends to suffer most, but by using the right products and by treating your hair kindly and gently, there are steps you can take to fight the frizz.

Starting point

Start by using a nourishing shampoo and conditioner - you really want to have hair as well moisturised and nourished as possible. Look for sulphate-free shampoos that are high in glycerine, which helps to coat hair and block outside moisture from getting in. You want something that is lightweight and moisturising to help with hydration, and use it on the roots of your hair, using conditioner on the rest of hair for a smoother finish. Unless your locks are super-fine, use a deep conditioner with every wash, leaving it on for 5-10 minutes while you’re in the shower. This heavy-duty conditioner will help to coat the hair shaft, making it more difficult for moisture to find a way to sink in. Leave-in treatment masks are also a good option in place of conditioner. They are more moisturising and don’t fully rinse out, protecting the ends from frizz. Taking steps like these will lay the foundations for fighting back against the frizz.

Gently does it

When it comes to drying your hair, avoid rubbing your hair dry with a towel. Instead, squeeze the water out, ideally with an absorbent, microfibre towel. Gently press hair to remove moisture, rather than rubbing at it, to avoid ruffling the surface layer and creating more frizz.

Serum success

Use a small amount of a natural lightweight serum or oil and comb it through your hair using a wide-tooth comb when your hair is still wet, which will add a layer of protection against that humidity. When blowdrying hair, treat it as gently as possible, drying in sections without swinging it around too much and causing friction. Use a natural bristle brush and direct heat downwards towards the ends of hair, which smooths the cuticle as you go. Keep heat settings on the lower side for any styling tools you use and make sure hair is completely dry before you go outside, as damp hair is less resistant to humidity.

Frizz-busting styles

A lightweight spray serum is good for finer hair to help keep things under control - use from mid-length to the ends of your hair; creams or oil formulas are better for thicker, textured hair. And when it comes to styles, for longer hair think about braids, fishtails, top knots and up-dos that are all easier to hold in place with a little product, and will all be more resistant to frizz, while shorter hair will benefit from slicked-back looks.

Finishing touches

You can finish styles off with a fine, anti-frizz aerosol hairspray to lock the style in (avoid any non-aerosol spray or spritz which would re-introduce moisture). Sleeping on a silk pillow will help protect your hair from damage or breakage and help keep it smoother too.

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