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Fighting Frizz This Summer

We all long for summer, particularly the holidays. Lazy days full of swimming, beach walks and lounging around topping up the tan – all holiday winners, right? But all that fun stuff that can play havoc with your hair, just at a time when you want it looking its best.

Heat and humidity are to blame for summer frizz and flyaway hair. Because hair is porous, it sucks up any moisture when there is humidity in the air, leaving you with a look that is more static than silky. Hair that is already dry or chemically treated is particularly at risk, but don’t despair, follow these simple steps to minimize the damage and enjoy happy holiday hair.

Step 1

Frizzy hair needs plenty of moisture to stay smooth, so opt for a shampoo which helps to penetrate the hair shaft and boost hydration, something like L'Oreal's Nutrifier Shampoo, which uses coconut oil, is especially good for this.

Step 2

Don’t skip conditioner! Look out for those with natural oils, such as Argan, to help nourish and soften, and, unless your hair is super-fine, lavish it on your locks and leave for the duration of your shower to let it work a bit harder.

Step 3

Blot hair dry rather than rubbing it to reduce the risk of frizz. And try a microfibre towel, which is less damaging to delicate hair and will help keep flyaways at bay.

Step 4

Reduce the heat on your hairdryer and remember to use the nozzle to direct heat, rather than blasting hair all over the place. It might take a bit longer to dry, but your smoother hair will thank you for it.

Step 5

Serums and finishing products should be your new best friends. Look for something that suits your particular hair type and always apply in the direction of the hair cuticle, from top to bottom, for the smoothest finish. Argan oil is a multitasker that can be used to condition and style hair. Nourishing and residue free, it also has UV protectors, and is great on dry hair to tame frizz and flyaways.

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