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Festive Wedding Hair that Works

Christmas can be a particularly beautiful and memorable time for a wedding. There are, however, a few considerations that apply to weddings at this time of year more so than at any other time.

One of the first things to think about is your outfit. If you are planning a winter wedding in the UK, it’s going to be pretty chilly, so the bride may well choose to use a faux fur jacket, shrug or stole for photographs outside or even to walk down the aisle. For those who do want to wear something over their dress, just bear in mind that it might have an effect on your hairstyle. A fluffy stole or high collar may get in the way, or loosen the style, of a low bun or side-sweeping style. Just let your stylist know to keep your hair high enough to avoid any clothing getting in the way.

Wintry weddings have a particularly dreamy feel to them - cold and crisp, with beautiful photography - so it’s no surprise that lots of people choose a really romantic look for a festive wedding. Loose waves and curls for both mid-length and longer styles are made for creating a sense of romance. Half-up dos and less-formal looks are perfect here.

It’s a lovely idea to incorporate any flowers or foliage that you may be using to decorate the venue into your hairstyle too. I’m not talking full-blown holly and mistletoe here, but a combination of green and white can look particularly effective, either as part of a hairpiece or simply pinned into hair. Longer, thicker hair can look amazing with small sprays of flowers woven into a loose pleat or fishtail style.

Shorter hair doesn’t have to miss out on the prettiness of flowers because they look really effective incorporated into a hair band, or simply pinned on one side - you can get some beautiful combs decorated with sparkling crystals which look fantastic at this time of year.

Up dos, braids and fishtails lend themselves beautifully to flower, foliage, berry or jewel adornments - simply stick with the overall theme you already have for the rest of your wedding and add small elements to your hairstyle, which will tie things together beautifully.

If you are looking for a simple adornment, jewelled or crystal clips can make a dazzling addition to chignons without being too fussy. Pearls are also a beautiful addition to Christmas wedding hair - white and wintry, with a real classic feel. They work beautifully as pins dotted into either a high or low bun.

If you want to really up the festive feel, red jewelled bow clips work really well on both light and dark hair. The trick with anything like this is that less is more - one clip either side of a low-level chignon at the nape of the neck will look elegant and festive at the same time.

Ruby red crystals will also add to festive hairstyles, again they look beautiful peeping out from braids and fishtails, but they work really well as adornments to sleeker styles too. Use them either as part of a decorative hair piece - a band or comb - or on pin tips, studded into smooth chignons or high buns with a high-shine serum used on the rest of the hair to give a really sleek, elegant style.

Whatever look you choose, remember to let your stylist know in advance what you are planning so they can be well prepared on the big day.

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