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Disney Tokyo

When the idea of visiting Disneyland was first planted in my head, my inner child was screaming inside with pure joy! Upon arriving through the gates that were transporting me back to my childhood, I truly felt my heart and head were about to explode.

Here are my top tips, to help you make the most of your day!

Be sure to buy your tickets online. By purchasing the tickets from the comfort of home, you skip the need to queue at the Park to buy tickets.

Even after entering the park, be sure to hang on to your tickets as they will be needed to redeem FAST-PASSes (in my experience I found that it almost took just as long to queue for the fast-passes as it did for the stand-by line, so I headed straight to the rides)

Keep up to-date with live updates of queue times, you can find them here.

This really helped as we didn't have any children with us, so we were able to move quickly across the park.

Study the Park maps before you arrive. It will help you to arrange your day better.

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