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Absolutely Fabulous Halloween Hair

You might think it’s an all-American idea because Halloween is such big business across the Pond, but it is widely believed that many of the traditions associated with All Hallows’ Eve originated from ancient Celtic harvest festivals.

In this country, Halloween has certainly grown over the last few years and while you may not be planning any trick-or-treating, chances are there is a Halloween party to dress up for. But when it comes to scary hair, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t still be fabulous!

For those intent on having their biggest and best hair ever, the Sexy Hair Root Pump Spray Mousse starts off as a spray and turns into a mouse to really lift hair at the root. Another good one for fine and medium hair for adding plenty of volume.

All blood-spattered schoolgirls, ghouls, zombies and witches alike should be reaching for the firm-hold products for any sky-high styles. Spray KMS California Add Volume Root & Body Lift on to roots for help in holding up any gravity-defying styles you don’t want to fall flat before the end of the party. For full luscious locks, try Batiste Stylist Oomph my Locks XXL Volume Hairspray, which offers volume and hold, and is also easy to brush out.

Go all out and take inspiration from the stunning Helena Bonham Carter in her Harry Potter role as the wonderfully witchy Bellatrix Lestrange. If you hair is long enough, a head full of crazy curls will help unleash your inner Bellatrix. Try Tigi’s Foxy Curls Extreme Curl Mousse for hi definition curls, which helps to define and separate curls while protecting against frizz. It can be used on wet hair before drying or on dry hair to touch up your curls.

This is also the time to get creative with label.m Dry Shampoo, particularly if you don’t have time to wash and blowdry into an elaborate party style, A great time-saver, the main task of dry shampoo is to refresh between shampoos, but it can be used to boost volume and add a velvety finish.

The Addams Family offers up an element of Halloween hair if you look to Morticia Addams for inspiration! For super-smooth Morticia Addams-type locks, start with a smoothing shampoo such as Rusk’s Deepshine Smooth Keratin Care Smoothing Shampoo, which contains natural Keratin vitamins and marine botanicals to leave hair looking sleek and lustrous. Finish off with a serum to boost shine. Ghd’s Smooth and Finish serum will tame flyaways and smooth hair from root to tip for a sleek finish.

Colour hair chalks and sprays are one of the easiest ways to transform the look of your own hair and come into their own at this time of year - simply spray or ‘chalk’ on strands for a colour pop, then wash out.

Remember, when using any heating tools on hair to blow dry, straighten or curl, use a heat protection product first. Something like Beauty Works Heat Protection Spray uses Argan Oil to nourish and protect hair, and offers a great barrier against potentially damaging treatments.

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