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Trend Watch: The Topman

The topman is a classic style that really took off in the 1920s, but it feels very fresh for today’s modern man. It’s an undercut style, usually taken very short around the back and sides, keeping all the weight on top. You can also go for a fade effect around the sides as well, which gives it a contemporary edge and a finer finished look. It's set to be a big trend for guys this A/W.

This look works for most face shapes and even helps to disguise a receding hairline or finer hair, so it can be adapted to suit most men’s requirements. Plus, it works very well with a full beard, balancing out the face perfectly.

You should ask your barber for a style that’s high and tight on the sides, with a disconnect on top, keeping slightly more length in the fringe. I always maintain that if you’re opting for a specific style, it’s best to bring images with you that show the style clearly, and ideally from the front and from the back. That way, both you and your barber are clear on the end goal and you can feel confident that they know what the finished look should be, with all the details that you’re looking for.

This is a simple style to care for at home – the real maintenance is in making sure that you go for regular appointments with your barber to keep those sides looking sharp, and ensuring the length on top doesn’t get too heavy. I’d recommend seeing your barber every four weeks.

If you opt for a slicked-back take on this cut, so use a comb and a great pomade to style in this way; something like American Crew’s Fiber would work very well in this instance. Use a small amount of pomade, warmed between the hands, and then run it through the hair. Take your comb and use it to sweep the hair slightly over to the side, combing it backwards and using your free hand to shape it as you go.

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