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Spring Bank Holiday Hair Style Inspo

One thing clients often ask me about is how to make their hair look good quickly. It’s one thing taking the time to style your hair for a night out, another thing entirely when you have a day off and the sun is shining, and you just want to get up and go. That’s when a few clever little stylist tips come in handy.

It might come as a surprise to learn that although some of these styles look as if they have taken time and effort, they haven’t taken more than five or 10 minutes to do. Remember too that the end result doesn’t have to be super-sleek and perfect, these styles are all about keeping things relaxed and having fun.

Beach waves

‘Beachy’ hair works on shorter styles just as well as it does on long hair. It’s all about the product and creating texture in the hair - the result should be a slightly messier, looser version of your regular style. Use a heat-protecting spray and tong a few sections around your head - the bigger the sections, the softer the wave - and finish off with a salt-styling spray to create a slightly windswept look. Scrunch the spray in with your fingers to shape and hold the waves for a cute look that will hold all day. If you have hair that is long enough to be twisted into a bun, you can save even more time. The night before, spritz the salt spray into damp hair, twist hair into a bun and leave to dry overnight. The next morning, simply undo and shake out the bun for soft waves.

Twisted sister

The classic ponytail is a failsafe, but liven it up with a twist. To create a Twisted Ponytail, take a small section of hair from the side of your head, divide it into two sections, then twist these sections together by placing one over the other in a plaiting motion. Repeat on the other side of your head then gather the two twisted sections along with the rest of your hair and secure it all together into a ponytail - the end result is two pretty twists running down the side of your head and into the ponytail.

Heavenly hair

A fabulous look for longer hair is a halo braid, which is loved by style icons, including my client Sienna Miller, for an easy way to look seriously stylish in mere moments. The best bit? It’s far easier to achieve than it looks. Simply brush the hair through, and then part down the centre, all the way from the hairline to the nape of the neck, and separate into two loose, low bunches. Take one section and braid into a tight plait, fastening at the end with a clear, snag-free band, and then do the same with the other side. Take one plait and wrap it over the top of the head, securing in place with Kirby grips, and then place the other plait behind it, securing in the same way. Tuck in any loose ends at the top for a flawless finish, and then soften the look with some loose strands around the face for a really pretty, boho look.

Top Knot

A cute holiday look for slightly longer hair is the Twisted Bun. Section your hair into two ponytails at the back of your head, plait them right down to the tip of the hair and secure with a hair elastic. Then pull the two braids together, twist them across the back of your head and secure the edges of the hair with pins to hold the resulting messy bun in place.

City slicker

For a slightly more streamlined yet still low-key look, slick your hair back using a styling cream. Pull the hair into a tight ponytail at the nape of your neck and either leave like that or twist and secure in a low bun. Leave a few strands loose around the face to keep the style more relaxed looking.

Quick thinking

For the ultimate quick and easy look, simply pull your hair up into a high pony on top of your head, twist the hair into a kind of ‘horn’ on top of your head and then wrap it around itself to finish it off before securing with hairpins. This messy bun works particularly well on unwashed hair as the hair is less slippy, which means you can get ready and out even quicker to enjoy that sunshine!

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